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A new series of piano books for all levels by Roy Dahan. 

Roy’s Piano Tunes 

What is it about the piano that makes us want to play?

Everyone's reason for playing is different. 
What's yours?

Roy’s Piano Tunes, the new series of piano composition books by Roy Dahan, provides many reasons to play. It includes music sheets for 52 songs spread across three parts: Mid-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Professional. The series was inspired by Roy’s love of the piano and his fond memories as a piano teacher. He wanted to create musical pieces for beginner students that were fun and engaging from the start, with no need for repetitive or tiring drills.  Written during the worldwide lockdown, the tunes soon transformed into something more than originally intended. They became an innermost expression of an artist wanting to share a sense of wonder and connection through music with a heart-worn world.  Each individual tune was brought to life and developed during late-night sittings at the piano. They all began as simple & playful improvisations, a key characteristic that will make you want to play them again and again. Whether you’re looking for new repertoire or to up your piano-playing skills, now it’s your turn to try out and enjoy these beautifully-crafted piano tunes.

What’s your reason for playing?

3 ways to own the series 

Book Version 

Own & hold the series
by hand. 

RPT Physical Copies

Digital Version 

Access the series on your digital devices. 

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Music Sheets

Buy & download select individual music sheets.

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Try out Roy's Piano Tunes free*

​*Get a music booklet download (PDF),
featuring 3 pieces from the series,

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**Booklet includes one piece each from Parts I, II and III. 

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See what others are saying 

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Omri S. 

Absolutely wow! The tunes are very well structured for all levels and very well written. I'm no piano expert but could easily pick up more than 5 new (fairly complicated) tunes! Loving it!

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Amazon customer 

My 13 year old daughter loves it. She was looking for a piano book that will be a bit different than the regular ones. A frined recommended me this book and it's really special and creative. 

Piano split 3.jpg


Amazing piano tunes. I'm a casual player, but I enjoy practicing Roy's tunes very much . . . his tunes are challenging, sound amazing, and they will make you a better player.

Check out students playing pieces from the series

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