Roy's Piano Tunes

Inspired by Roy's many years as a piano teacher, Roy's Piano Tunes Part I, II, and III contain instrumental piano solos in an easy to follow style that is exciting to play and has a sophisticated sound without being overly technical.

Roy’s easy to follow style provides:

  • Original pieces at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level that will improve your piano playing skills without the need for repetitive piano exercises.

  • Fun, challenging, and enjoyable contemporary piano solos that will allow the player to develop an immediate emotional engagement and connection.

  • The perfect way for dynamic piano teachers to work outside of the box making each lesson more fun for teacher and student alike.

 Roy's Piano Tunes 
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Books in the Series

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Roy's Piano Tunes_Bundle.jpg

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Sheet Music Singles

No. 5 - Regards  (Book No. I)

no 5.jpeg

No. 20 - Memories (Book No. II)


No. 29- Echoes (Book No. II)


No. 32 - Everything In Place  (Book No. III)


No. 41 - Down The Rabbit Hole (Book No. III)


No. 45 - A Long Journey  (Book No. III)


No. 49 - Butterfly  (Book No. III)


No. 51 - Precious Soul  (Book No. III)


No. 17 - Wild Wind (Book No. II)


No. 23 - Vows (Book No. III)


No. 30 - Until The Sun Goes Down (Book No. III)

IMG_BEB1901FE336-1 2.jpeg

No. 34 - Night Rain  (Book No. III)


No. 44 - Maybe (Book No. III)

no 44.jpeg

No. 48 - A Tune  (Book No. III)


No. 50 - Breathing (Book No. III)


No. 52 - The Chase (Book No. III)