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Play like never before​ . . .

Roy's Piano Tunes

A new series of piano composition books for all levels.

Piano tunes that inspire you 

Hi, I’m Roy and I’d love for you to hear my music. I wrote Roy’s Piano Tunes during the global lockdown - night after night - and I believe that these tunes can make you feel better whether you listen to them or learn to play them. 

Here’s the secret to learning to play the piano: you just have to start & practice daily.

I started playing when I was young & since then, I have never looked back. Roy’s Piano Tunes features 52 original piano tunes spread across three parts: Mid-Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

If you’re just beginning to play, don’t worry. There are helpful piano tutorial videos to help you along. If you’re a more experienced player, these tunes will be fun & challenging.

3 Books, 52 original piano tunes

These tunes are adaptive, instructional & challenging.

Whether you’re a piano student, teacher or advanced player, these tunes can help develop your playing skills while being fun to play as well.

Easily adaptable for piano lessons without the need for repetitive drills or exercises. Get inspired with piano video tutorials focusing on pedagogy.

Roy's Piano Tunes Spread.jpg

Try it for yourself

Part I: Mid-Beginner

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 1_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part I

Part I: Mid-Beginner includes 12 beginner pieces.

Part I: Mid-Beginner Song Preview
00:00 / 00:47

Part II: Intermediate

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 2_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part II

Part II: Intermediate includes 17 intermediate pieces.

Part II: Intermediate Song Preview
00:00 / 01:31

Part III: Advanced/Professional

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 3_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part III

Part III: Advanced/Professional includes 23 advanced pieces.

Part III: Advanced/Professional Song Preview
00:00 / 01:25

Digital Bundle

Own all three books in the series digitally.

Available for immediate download. 

Roy's Piano Tunes_Bundle.png

Music Sheet Singles 

No. 12_Until the Sun Goes Down_Roy's Piano Tunes.jpg

Individual music sheet singles (PDF) for immediate download.

Relaxing piano playlist 

Visit Roy Dahan's YouTube Channel for more videos and tutorials.

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