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Roy Dahan

music | piano | photography 

Studio albums, music videos & performances.  


"And you must follow what your heart says otherwise you will be wrong."

- "State of Mind" by Roy Dahan

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Discover Roy's Piano Tunes, a 3-part series of piano composition books for all levels. 


"Dahan's beautiful music is tough to explain, but easy to love."

- Stephen Carradini 
Independent Clauses music blog 

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Get lost in breathtaking landscapes & original prints. 


"But the eye sees nothing but miracles, so inconceivable.

You'll see, there's a beautiful place to be and I wonder if you'll see it all."


- "Nothing But Miracles" by Roy Dahan


Roy Dahan is a singer-songwriter, composer and photographer. His music is hard to describe but easy to love, mixing a mix of folk, classical, and pop sounds that take you on a sonic self-reflective journey.

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