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Roy's Piano Tunes

a new series of piano composition books for all levels

featuring 52 classically inspired, contemporarily fun piano compositions


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Roy Dahan is an author, singer-songwriter, composer, and producer. His music has been described as “beautiful” and  “tough to explain but easy to love” (Independent Clauses, 2013). He draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of classic Israeli folk artists, songs, and classical music composers. His latest project is Roy's Piano Tunes Parts I, II, and III. The series of books feature 52 original piano solos inspired by his many years as a piano teacher. In 2011, he released his debut album, Some of this Life, to critical and public praise and was named best album of the year by TimeOut,Tel Aviv. Two singles from his debut album, “Does Anyone Know” and “State of Mind,” were both widely played in Israel’s top radio stations following its release. He followed with two more successful albums: The Man in My Head (2013) and Through The Woods (2016). He has toured and performed in cities across Europe and the U.S. following the release of his third album. 


Latest news

Time to Leave by Roy Dahan featured in The Heartists, a new video series by One of Those Days creators Yehuda and Maya Devir.