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You are welcome to say hello:


Hi, I’m Roy. I have always been a very curious person. Always questioning and wanting to get down to why things are the way they are.

I think that’s the reason I was drawn to music and more specifically the piano. I have enjoyed discovering and figuring out patterns in songs. Many classical composers and their works – such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach - have been influential to me as an artist.

How the piano changed my life

Even though I enjoyed listening to and playing classical works, I found out very quickly that a classical piano education was not for me. So, I taught myself how to play the piano by discovering the patterns in songs. Soon, I started teaching others using my own method, and that started my journey as a piano teacher.

Taking a chance on music

When I turned 30, I decided to put my heart into making music. In 2011, I released my debut album, Some of this Life, which was named best album of the year by TimeOut, Tel Aviv.

Two singles from this album, “Does Anyone Know” and “State of Mind,” were both widely played in Israel’s top radio stations following the release. I followed with two more albums: The Man in My Head (2013) and Through The Woods (2016).

Soon I had the opportunity to travel and perform across cities in Europe and the U.S. I had such an amazing time traveling, performing & meeting people from all over.

Finding Roy’s Piano Tunes

One night while I was practicing piano, I found a melody that captivated me. I kept playing it until it eventually turned into a song. Soon came another. And another. Eventually, these improvisations turned into 52 original piano pieces that became Roy’s Piano Tunes.

For me, these songs represent emotions through sound that are otherwise indescribable. I think music can heal people & I hope that when you listen to or play my music, that it helps you by being there for you like a friend.

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