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Dance Me to the Edge

Roy Dahan plays Leonard Cohen 

Roy Dahan - LCohen Show.JPG

About the show: From “Suzanne” to “Hallelujah,” join singer-songwriter Roy Dahan for a piano concert featuring his renditions of timeless songs by the Jewish-Canadian poet, musician, and prophet Leonard Cohen.


Take this waltz to the edge, with the classic songs you love and some of Roy Dahan’s own.

"Roy Dahan's beautiful music is tough to explain but easy to love." 

- Stephen Carradini 

Independent Clauses music blog 


Roy Dahan is a singer-songwriter, music composer & author of Roy's Piano Tunes, a 3-part series of piano composition books available now. 

His music is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & more. 


More Leonard Cohen
covers by Roy Dahan

Upcoming concerts:
Los Angeles | 4/13

Roy Dahan

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