Roy's Piano Tunes

A new series of piano books for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players that are fun and engaging to play.

Learning to play piano takes time, skill, and practice, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Roy spent many years as a piano teacher himself, which is where he got the idea to write his own easy piano tunes for students and players alike. 

Here’s three ways Roy’s Piano Tunes is guaranteed to keep you engaged so that you level up your piano playing skills:

  • It's fun

Repetitive piano drills aren’t for everyone and they can often discourage you from further playing. These compositions are fun from the start, mixing the sensibilities of pop songs with the sonic landscape of classical pieces.

  • It’s challenging

With 52 piano tunes spread across three levels (Mid-Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced/Professional), these tunes are designed to offer advancement as you play.

  • It’s exciting to play

The best way to learn piano is to sustain your excitement for learning. Once you master the pattern to playing Roy’s tunes, you will love playing them again and again.

 Roy's Piano Tunes 
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Roy’s Piano Tunes are available for purchase on this site and on Amazon.

Roy's Piano Tunes - Mid-Beginner
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Roy's Piano Tunes - Intermediate
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Roy's Piano Tunes - Advanced/Professional
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Sheet Music Singles

No. 5 - Regards  (Book No. I)

no 5.jpeg

No. 20 - Memories (Book No. II)


No. 29- Echoes (Book No. II)


No. 32 - Everything In Place  (Book No. III)


No. 41 - Down The Rabbit Hole (Book No. III)


No. 45 - A Long Journey  (Book No. III)


No. 49 - Butterfly  (Book No. III)


No. 51 - Precious Soul  (Book No. III)


No. 17 - Wild Wind (Book No. II)


No. 23 - Vows (Book No. III)


No. 30 - Until The Sun Goes Down (Book No. III)

IMG_BEB1901FE336-1 2.jpeg

No. 34 - Night Rain  (Book No. III)


No. 44 - Maybe (Book No. III)

no 44.jpeg

No. 48 - A Tune  (Book No. III)


No. 50 - Breathing (Book No. III)


No. 52 - The Chase (Book No. III)