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A new series of piano composition books for piano students, teachers, and aficionados of all levels.

Roy's Piano Tunes

classically inspired, 

contemporarily fun 

  • Develop an immediate, emotional connection to the piano. 

  • Start playing today, no need for repetitive drills or exercises.

  • The perfect piano music book series for piano lovers.

Roy's Piano Tunes - Books_edited.png

Fun, challenging, and enjoyable contemporary piano solos for all levels. The perfect way for dynamic piano teachers to work outside of the box making each lesson more fun for teacher and student alike. A great addition to any piano songbook collection.

Part I: Mid-Beginner

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 1_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part I

Part I: Mid-Beginner includes 12 beginner pieces.

Part I: Mid-Beginner Song Preview
00:00 / 00:47

Part II: Intermediate

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 2_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part II

Part II: Intermediate includes 17 intermediate pieces.

Part II: Intermediate Song Preview
00:00 / 01:31

Part III: Advanced/Professional

Roy's Piano Tunes_Book 3_Front Cover.jpg
Table of Contents - Roy's Piano Tunes Part III

Part III: Advanced/Professional includes

23 advanced pieces.

Part III: Advanced/Professional Song Preview
00:00 / 01:25

Digital Bundle

Roy's Piano Tunes_Bundle.jpg

Own all three books in the series digitally.

Available for immediate download. 

Music Sheet Singles 

No. 12_Until the Sun Goes Down_Roy's Piano Tunes.jpg

Individual music sheet singles 


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